Covid / Open Call

13 / 190520

by artnaming

two bottles pocari sweat emptied
still 棲在陽台
像在攀岩的 roachies
to be reminded how to love
to be instructed 要有肚量
蒜   魚   香   天和海   沒份
吃了10顆蛋 marinated my mouth
not to kiss with but 買綠豆沙時
說要常來 new encounters
and heebeejeebees
最近記下緊急號碼 not sure
六月where to go
想到    有人         接            真好
and when i was M V P
未知的還                     不知

art, phonetyped; thinking about the abundance n availability n accessibility in taiwan in contrast to many of my frens in sg. also about the two languages im working in.

art naming 奇能; in between transition from singapore to taiwan /

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