Community Stories

A Photo Essay by Christine Chua on a Kampong-Farm-Garden in Mugliston

Editor’s note:

This photo essay by Christine Chua encapsulates a kindness and enthusiasm for sharing and caring for one another. From the content of the photo essay to the design, a sense of joy and playfulness fills one up. To use “a state-owned land for his own recreation”: Have we considered why land is automatically considered state-owned? Why is farming-gardening considered a recreation and not an essential part of lifestyle? Have we been desensitised to approach farming-gardening with an attitude of “for play”, “for fun”? If so, how do we unpack reasons to these and acknowledge farming-gardening spaces with appreciation that they are actually doing essential work (the work that sustains the human body)?

Christine Chua (born 2000) is an arts and gardening enthusiast. Her practice pays homage to the earth, recording signs of presence and recognising humans as inhabitants of this contemporary landscape. She hopes to celebrate human culture and the materiality of earth, imbuing natural processes and familiar sites with a whimsical nature. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, listening to music and foraging for interesting materials.