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Field note notebook and pencil

Field notes from a guerrilla gardener

Christopher Leow23 August 2020

An experimental process of seeding a guerrilla garden and letting it take shape in our midst. These are some field notes and pictures taken as I go along on this journey.

How will this pan out under watchful eyes? Will this be a fruitful pursuit? Follow me as I share my journey and stories from the field where I convert a plot of underutilized green space into an edible garden! Read the series here, updated as I go along: Part I | Part II

Specimens of a variety of grasses against a sheet of graph paper
Close up of grasses in the field

Recognizing the biodiversity of grasses

Chris' field notes on a new way of seeing
Pumpkin seeds drying in a sieve


Chris' field notes on looking inwards
Guerrilla gardeningEdible GardeningCommunity

About the author

Christopher Leow

Chris has a deep interest in the entire food chain. He has spent the last decade delving into different aspects from Farm to Table - working as an Urban Farmer, Grocer and Chef, in both urban and rural areas. He is particularly interested in improving the food system by making it more sustainable and equitable. He hopes to share his experiences and thoughts through the Foodscape Collective network and connect with like-minded individuals.

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