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sprouts from soil

Further Readings on Soil

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Foodscape Pages11 November 2020

This article is part of our theme-based journazine titled "The Sauce". The inaugural issue focuses on Soil, as we believe that soil is the foundation of all things to come. Print and digital copies of the full issue are available here. Check it out for more stories from the community and how Foodscape Collective's projects have come about.

This section provides suggestions on a few more resources to look into on this issue's topic, it is intended as further reading and by no means exhaustive.


The Soil Will Save Us

By Kristin Ohlson (2014)

Through storytelling, Kristin Ohlson directs our attention toward the richness of life-giving soil, and how care and restoration for this often overlooked substrate - teeming with life - can potentially be a viable response towards the mitigation of climate change. 

life in the soil: a guide for naturalists & Gardeners 

By James B. Nardi (2007)

Written by a naturalist, Nardi brings the living creatures in soil to live.

Growing a revolution: bringing our soil back to life 

By David R. Montgomery (2017)

Join geomorphlogist David as he investigates and uncover the many stories hidden in the ground under our feet...

Online Resources

Soil Atlas: Facts and figures about earth, land and fields

Heinrich Boll Stiftung: The Green Political Foundation

Soil Food Web

Restore soil for growing super nutritious food and sequester carbon

The Thin Layer

The Thin Layer is a podcast on/about dirt

"On home turf: resilience of localised production and informal networks"

By Petr Jehlička, Petr Daněk & Jan Vávra (2018)

Lessons from Central and Eastern Europe for cities undergoing rapid change, about understanding what home growing means to people rather than expecting it to fit your expectations.

GROW Observatory

Coming together to grow food, grow soil and grow science.

The GROW Observatory (GROW) is a European-wide project engaging thousands of growers, scientists and others passionate about the land. By offering online courses and sharing simple tools, GROW is dedicated to saving soils and improving climate change adaptation through participatory approaches that are localized, data-driven and accessible. 

Kiss the Ground

Inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil.

Kiss the Ground is an education and advocacy nonprofit advancing initiatives across four distinct programs: Advocacy, Farmland, Education, and Media. In addition to program work, Kiss the Ground seeks to bring impact projects to life — convening and nurturing stewards of soil and ecosystems, inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil. Check out their soil advocacy training and educational curriculum!


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