The Sauce

An independent magazine on food, community and inspirations, The Sauce gathers voices from the foodscape in Singapore and the bioregion to document and highlight stories about and around our food system.

Recognising that diversity strengthens our immunity to unpredictable changes in life, we aim to add perspectives to the increasingly important conversations and actions towards an integrated and resilient approach to our evolving food system.

The Sauce #1: SOIL

The inaugural issue focuses on Soil – a natural material that is the foundation to growing nourishing food, mitigating climate change, for healing of self and communities, and for reconnecting our elemental source of nourishment with planet Earth.

Editors’ note: We were going to launch a fundraising campaign to get this beautifully designed inaugural issue to the printers in May 2020 when Covid-19 threw a global curve ball. We are eager to share the content and is focussing on making the content available online first, with the intention of printing when the stars are aligned for the birth of the print edition. Come back soon for more updates!

The Sauce #2: SEEDS

Now that we have built some foundation on the SOIL issue, the next issue, on SEED, has been conceived.