Through stories and curious inquiries of our lived experiences,
PAGES holds space for regeneration and renewal.
A space for imagination, inspirations and community presence,
we explore new narratives together in our relationship
with ourselves, one another, and the planet.

  • On Permaculture
    by Thomas Lim I don’t remember when it was that I first came across permaculture. Perhaps, like the conception of a human, there was never an exact moment. Perhaps the point when the sperm entered the egg was in 2011, when I took up a five square metre allotment plot at an organic farm in Hong Kong. I was working weekdays and come weekend, would jump on my white Vespa for the one-hour ride to my tiny garden in the mountains bordering China. I was clueless about farming then, but Nature was forgiving enough to spare me among the weeds some choy sum, French beans, and one strawberry. The point when the baby popped out was when I spent my 2013 Christmas and New Year holidays at the foothills of Genting Highlands, building a bamboo […]
  • Soil solution to food security and climate change
    by Tang Hung Bun Healthy soil is living soil Living soil is a miracle. More than 90% of our food comes directly or indirectly from soil. Plants absorb sunlight, atmospheric CO2 and water to make glucose, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere at the same time. Through a myriad of chemical reactions, the glucose is then synthesised to a wide variety of carbon compounds, including carbohydrates (such as cellulose and starch), proteins, organic acids and oils as the plants grow. Some of these carbon compounds are sent down to the plant roots and secreted into the soil to nurture the soil microbes (bacteria and fungi). These microbes are then eaten by bigger soil organisms like nematodes and protozoa, which are in turn fed on by even bigger organisms, and so on. There are also soil organisms […]
  • Composting of food scraps by local communities – the spark, the opportunity, the possibilities
    by Pui Cuifen The Spark Alan had exciting ideas to share. His community garden was at the edge of a forest. To make the soil better suited for growing edible plants, he could either spend lots of money buying soil that may be unsustainable or of poor quality, or try amending the soil using available resources. Alan had walked around the market and realised that baskets of banana peels are thrown away daily at the goreng pisang (fried banana fritters in Malay) stall. Knowing that banana peels are high in potassium and phosphorus – elements which promote root growth and plant health – Alan had been collecting them in large quantities three times a month for use at his garden. He also collects and uses coffee powder which is good as a compost activator due […]
  • The Birth of Foodscape Pages
    With the growth of Foodscape Collective, a sister branch of the collective has emerged – Foodscape Pages. Pages is a space for creating stories of, about, around food for people and the planet. Pages will serve as an alternative source of text, video and podcast relating to our food system. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on food safety and security, locally and globally. Singapore has a founding national narrative of land scarcity and many citizens and long-term residents are not aware of the city-state’s many local farms, mostly in the Bah Soon Pah, Lim Chu Kang and Kranji area.  Though these local farms meet only a small percentage of the local population’s needs, they provide safe and fresh produce, including some vegetables, mushrooms and eggs. A few farms are also open […]
Open Call : Covid

Routines. Habits. Spaces. Society. Relationships. Amidst all the changes, Pages is convening a gathering space for us to think, talk, and imagine around food. 

4 more weeks. How can we make the best of it? Stories on food, baked goods and new recipes have already started to make their rounds on Whatsapp and social media. What’s sizzling on the stove? What’s marinating for the afternoon? What beans have you managed to hustle off the shelf? 

We want to hear your stories. Personal encounters, witnessed emotions, or spacing out imaginations, of what your relationship with food and being at home might reveal and inspire.


Foodscape Pages is excited to present the inaugural issue of The Sauce.

An independent magazine on food, community and inspirations, The Sauce gathers voices from the foodscape in Singapore and the bioregion to document and highlight what is stories about and around our food system.

The inaugural issue focuses on Soil – a natural material that is the foundation to growing nourishing food.