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Screenshot of a phone-typed poem by artnaming

13 / 190520

  • Screenshot of a phone-typed poem by artnaming
art naming 奇能26 June 2020

two bottles pocari sweat emptied
still 棲在陽台
像在攀岩的 roachies
to be reminded how to love
to be instructed 要有肚量
蒜   魚   香   天和海   沒份
吃了10顆蛋 marinated my mouth
not to kiss with but 買綠豆沙時
說要常來 new encounters
and heebeejeebees
最近記下緊急號碼 not sure
六月where to go
想到    有人         接            真好
and when i was M V P
未知的還                     不知

art, phonetyped; thinking about the abundance n availability n accessibility in taiwan in contrast to many of my frens in sg. also about the two languages im working in.

Screenshot of a phone-typed poem by artnaming

This article was published under the open call Food in the time of Covid. We asked people to send in stories that explore dimensions of food and life under a period of uncertainty and lockdown in 2020. Learn more about it here.


About the author

Screenshot of a phone-typed poem by artnaming
art naming 奇能

art naming 奇能 begins with semi autobiographical intimate performance works the personal made public political often times participatory and interprets them into other media such as installation or video to deal with and transform the live event documentation problem and always from the bodily repeating gestures like catching tofu thrown, picking things up with my foot or holding isolated still when moving on an empty rooftop in a framed video then concerned with the tension between the temporal and the lasting the intangible and the material time a major theme but more importantly how we deal with its slippage and the fact that this existence will end

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