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Picture of a peanut tree or red-fruited kurrajong (Sterculia quadrifida)

Seeds as Food

Deb12 June 2022

This article is part of the second issue of "The Sauce - on food, community and inspirations", a theme-based journazine on seeds. The inaugural issue focuses on soil, print edition of the full first issue is available here.

Perhaps you’ve seen them mentioned as “superfoods” and/or have sighted them listed as  toppings at your local smoothie or yoghurt shop. The likes of chia seeds, flaxseeds, and  pomegranate seeds are but some of the seeds that have been making waves lately. Going  beyond current trends though, seeds (in the botanical sense) have long been a part of our diet,  with some being so ubiquitous – think rice and barley – that we don’t even think of them as  seeds anymore.  

So, going back to basics, what is a seed? Botanically, and verified by Merriam-Webster and, a seed is the fertilized, matured ovule of a flowering plant. Seeds, being capable of germinating to form a new plant, consist of:

  • an embryo
  • food for the embryo  (endosperm)
  • a protective covering for the seed (seed coat).

The rest of this article uses the term seed (and: flower, fruit, nut) in the botanical sense described above.  

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Colourful corn cob; caption: Growing and saving heirloom seeds - Glass-Gem Corn
The Sauce - Seeds
22 June 2022

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