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one balloon vine seed on white textured background

Seeds as Life

    12 June 2022

    This article is part of the second issue of "The Sauce - on food, community and inspirations", a theme-based journazine on seeds. The inaugural issue focuses on soil, print edition of the full first issue is available here.

    A short reflection of seeds as life by K. V. Aruna

    To me, Seeds have always symbolised LIFE. It is intriguing that just a small seed can hold all the intelligence needed to grow into life.

    As a child, I was totally fascinated to play with the vibrant rich red Saga seeds. The colour & shine is mesmerising to say the least. 

    The myriad shapes & colour of various seeds would take me into a world of imagination, inspiring me to use them to make collage art. 

    Not to forget the games like Chowka Bhara [1] (traditional board game played in India), that I played with tamarind seeds that mark my entire childhood.

    Seeds make me nostalgic & I cherish those childhood memories.

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    Colourful corn cob; caption: Growing and saving heirloom seeds - Glass-Gem Corn
    The Sauce - Seeds
    22 June 2022

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