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Community Seed Map

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Foodscape Pages12 June 2022

This article is part of the second issue of "The Sauce - on food, community and inspirations", a theme-based journazine, with SEEDS as the theme for this second issue. The inaugural issue on SOIL has a print and online edition available here.

Drawn on rocks, walls, canvas, paper and most recently, created via digital software, maps has been a part of our lives for a long long time and for many different reasons and purposes. These days, maps are the landing spots for many data points that help us navigate and make sense of our worlds.

To map, in some ways, is to gather and inter-relate. 

Be it to connect and understand our relative place in the larger landscape, or to conquer yet to be known land, or to navigate for trade, we have a need to inter-relate and connect the dots to see the larger picture. 

On the other hand, the nature of seeds is to scatter and spread across landscapes. Like humans, seeds seek to land on fertile ground so as to sprout, take root, and hopefully flourish wherever it lands. The memory of seeds informs how the seed will or will not sprout. 

As part of the SEEDS issue, we have made this map with the kind support of Kontinentalist, one that we invite you to contribute to if you’d like to add to it; simply email us at if you are a seed-saver or know of someone or other communities active in seed-saving and distributing initiatives.

The intention of this community seed map is to amplify and share the stories, knowledge and initiatives of practitioners. The folks who have landed on this fledging community seed map knows to value and preserve the memory of seeds, so in this sense they are memory keepers of where the plants we grow come from.

We hope that by gathering more voices of these wisdom keepers and knowledge spreaders, we can weave together a more resilient landscape for growing inter-relational seed- and food- scapes.

Along with this map, are stories and interviews of some practitioners. They are published as part of the Beyond Borders section of the SEEDS issue. Be sure to check them out!

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